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Here, you can find free software written for linux (but it should also run under other operating systems). You are free to distribute this software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Libetc is a LD_PRELOAD-able shared library that intercepts file operations: if a program is tries to open a dotfile in $HOME, it is redirected to $HOME/$ETC/


Gtklepin is a notebook that uses the GTK+ toolkit. It has similar functionality to the notebook found on the Psion Revo PDA.


Selectwm is a simple but robust program that will let you pick a window manager (or other executable) to run at X startup, and optionally after a window manager exits. It uses the GTK+ toolkit, and includes options like a timer to start the default window manager, and modification of the window manager list from within selectwm.


Guiftp is a simple FTP client using the GTK+ toolkit. It actually can connect to a remote host, download and upload files and directories. It supports interrupted transfer. Bookmarks are working. And you can do the usual operations: erase files and directories, create directories, erase directories recursively... on both the local and the remote computer.

A backup script. Usage: " --conf dir --ecrire cd" where "dir/cd/" is a directory containing symlinks to the real data to backup. The script accepts other options but for now you have to speak french to understand them ;-)

Crypt a password using md5.

Add an user to an AuthUserFile in proftpd. This script uses the above one.

My Homepage (in french)